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The Kosovo Office of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung regularly offers internships. They are foreseen as an opportunity for Albanian and German students in the fields of political science, law, economy, sociology, but also others interested in the field of social democratic values are welcome to apply.

An important requirement for the internship is an excellent knowledge of the Albanian and English languages. Knowledge of German or Serbian language is an advantage but not mandatory.


Usually the internship should last 8 – 12 weeks. In some cases, if necessary, another timeframe can be discussed.


The working tasks are not strictly established and are assigned in accordance to current workload in the office. The tasks generally apply to the following areas:

  • Preparation and organisation of conferences and visitor programmes,
  • participation in seminars and workshops,
  • research and writing of texts and reports,
  • assistance in daily office work.

Applicants are asked to supply the following information in English or German and 

by e-mail to:info(at)

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Application with a letter of motivation and stating subject areas and activities of particular interest
  • Stating period of time and preferred dates for internship

In the time between July – August we cannot offer any internship.

Internship in Germany and other FES Offices Abroad

If you are interested in an internship in one of the offices of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Germany or abroad, please have a look at the Departments and contact the one that interests you directly.

Visit the FES websites of:

National departments
International departments

Please not that German Language knowledge is required for any internship in any of the offices in Germany.

Feedbacks from our Internships

Marlene Distler

Photo: Marlene Distler

During my 3,5 month internship at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Prishtina, I was able to experience different fields of political work, participate in various projects and supported the team. I was involved in planning and organizing events as well as seminars and what was most important for me, the activities kept me busy and I never left the office bored. Each team member took the time to answer my questions and introduced me to his or her projects. Aside from the great support relating to work, socializing such as having lunch or coffee together and discussing about politics or every day life issues was a very natural part of the team and resulted in a pleasant atmosphere. I really enjoyed my time in the office and in general in Kosovo, even or especially because I got to know the real life problems, the people have to face every day.

Ann-Christin Bechtoldt

Photo: Ann-Christin Bechtoldt

Despite my short stay of only two months, my time at Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Prishtina will be a memorable one. I was able to learn more about how the foundation operates on a daily basis and what it takes to prepare events/activities and how to keep a project going with all its obstacles. Not speaking Albanian made some aspects more challenging but not impossible. The team welcomed me with open arms and helped me with all my questions, both work and non-work related, which made it easy to feel as a full team-member. Having lunch and coffee together as a team made the work environment a very pleasant one. Finally, not only did I obtain useful skills for my future professional endeavors, but I also learned a lot about Kosovo and the Western Balkans with all the struggles and beauty the region has to offer.

Vlera Bahtiri

Photo: Vlera Bahtiri

During my 2-month internship at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Prishtina, I was able to gain knowledge and skills in various fields. From the beginning I was entrusted with various planning and study tasks and was also allowed to contribute my own ideas and suggestions. Thanks to the office-members I had the chance to tend also meetings outside the office with local and foreign partners, whereby my Albanian skills were very useful to me. By assuming various tasks in events organized by the FES, such as the first National Youth Congress, I was also able to experience the social problems that the people of Kosovo must deal with and learned more about possible ways to solve them. All of this was possible because of the professional and warm-hearted team, who made me familiar with his work and made the time fly.

Aurora Mullatahiri

For only 3 months of internship in Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Kosova, I became part of the team working spirit. The thing that I loved the most was the sharing of responsibilities among the staff members and the Intern. I know most of the interns especially in Kosovo, when they apply for such an experience, they are not waiting for real responsibilities to be shared with them, only if it is related to Coffee, Printing or Scanning. And to all of those interested to learn, share your own knowledge, engage, take responsibilities, meet the most kind-hearted team, I say you must certainly apply for an Internship in FES.

The morning debates, the projects, the events, the ideas proposed and supported, are all passionate methods, from people who love doing their job, because they really are working to tackle the problems in the core. Working with FES was an opportunity to grow as person, as a team member, and without doubt as a social democrat.

Rozafa Jahaj

During my 5-month internship at the FES Office in Prishtina I acquired a lot of professional skills. The team welcomed me very fondly and made me feel like a team-member very quickly. I was very positively surprised by the amount of responsibility I immediately got from the beginning. It made me feel very useful and since all the colleagues never hesitated to answer my questions or teach me something, the work-time flew by. I had the great opportunity to be working here during a time in which a lot of activities were held in both Prishtina and other communes and outside of Kosovo in the Balkan region. This made the whole experience even greater since I was in continuous contact with people and projects from the region which were trying to better the living conditions in the Balkans. I can whole-heartedly recommend an internship at the FES Office in Prishtina. It is an office and team whom actually care and work towards battling the real-life problems of people in Kosovo.


Pashko Vasa Str. 23
10000 Prishtina
Republic of Kosovo

+383 (0) 38 600 108

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