Kosovan Stories during the Pandemics COVID 19

The Kosovan Stories during the pandemics COVID 2019 is a project co-financed by Kosova Press and Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kosovë that aims to examine lived experiences and challenges different people in Kosovo face in the overwhelming situation caused by COVID 19.

The stories will published in 6 series covering different topics/ aspects of the crisis. The impact of pandemic has many faces. In these series you will meet people from all kinds of life telling their stories.

Serie 1: Stories of health workers in Kosovo

This series covers stories of health workers in Kosovo. Health workers during this time were portrayed as the soldiers in the frontline against the pandemic. Health workers as everybody else are people who face challenges with uncertainty of the virus impact, fear for themselves and for their families, work long hours and under extreme stress and risk, and experience the sadness of those being sick or lose loved ones and happiness when they recover and go home.


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Republic of Kosovo

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