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01.07.2020 | Event

Call for Applications - Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Regional Dialogue Southeast Europe

19.06.2020 | Event

Kosovan Stories during the Pandemics COVID 19

The Kosovan Stories during the pandemics COVID 2019 is a project co-financed by Kosova Press and Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kosovë that aims to...


15.06.2020 | Event

DEMOCRACY AND THE STATE OF EMERGENCY - Responses to the Corona Crisis in the Western Balkans

While the anti-Corona measures are being relaxed in most countries, five countries of the region are preparing for elections. Tensions in the...


09.06.2020 | Event

Why early education is important?

To mark International Children's Day, FES Kosovo supported a research analysis on the current stand of early education in Kosovo, and why effective...


04.06.2020 | Event

Empowering citizens through education in Kosovo

When education is hit by a pandemic, how is social justice and active citizenship affected? Dukagjin Pupovci, the Executive Director of the Kosova...


27.05.2020 | Event

“Waiting the Decision from the Constitutional Court”

Author of the Editorial: Ehat Miftaraj, Executive Director, Kosovo Law Institute (KLI)


22.05.2020 | Event

The Right of Citizens to Democratic Protests in Emergency Circumstances and Tightened Measures

Author of the Editorial: Visar Rushiti


21.05.2020 | Event

Call for Applications for the Political Academy of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung 2020

The Political Academy of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung combines political education and practical training in a variety of disciplines. Its purpose is...


20.05.2020 | Event

Democracy, Pandemic and the Impact on the Economy

Author of the Editorial: Saxhide Mustafa, Riinvest


20.05.2020 | Event

Keeping the Education System Alive: The Online Learning during the Pandemic

Author of the Editorial: Dr. Bardha Qirezi



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  • Behrami, Majlinda; Pacolli, Fitim; Ramqaj, Florent

    Why is early education the solution?

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  • Behrami, Majlinda; Pacolli, Fitim; Ramqaj, Florent

    Pse edukimi i hershëm është zgjidhja?

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  • Muharremi, Robert

    Vote of no-confidence and the formation of a new government in Kosovo-Challenges and way out for a functional parliamentary democracy

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