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Good education policy for a successful economy

Positions of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation with facts : theses for a operational framework for designing a future-oriented education and labor market policy in Kosovo
Prishtina, 2018

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Gute Bildungspolitik für eine erfolgreiche Wirtschaft

Positionen der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung mit Fakten : Thesen für einen Handlungsrahmen zur Gestaltung einer zukunftsorientierten Bildungs- und Arbeitsmarktpolitik in Kosovo
Prishtina, 2018

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Kabashi-Ramaj, Besa

Human security challenges in Kosovo

Political instability in Kosovo and implications for the human security of the people
Prishtina, 2017

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Kabashi-Ramaj, Besa

Sfidat e sigurisë njerëzore në Kosovë

Destabiliteti politik në Kosovë dhe implikimet për sigurinë njerëzore të popullatës
Prishtina, 2017

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Dalipi, Samet; Shala, Krenar

The role of decentralization on security improvement and peace-building in Kosovo

policy paper
Prishtina, 2017

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Rinia në udhëkryq, cila është rruga?!

Prishtina, 2017

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International Conference Current Security Challenges for the Western Balkan Region

study based on inputs given at the International Conference organized on 20-21 November 2014 in Prishtina
Prishtina, 2017

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Qirezi, Bardha

The 2015 Kosovo migration outflow to European Union

Who, why and how
Prishtina, 2017

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Tahiri, Besnik

Gradonačelnik - predstavnik ili onaj koji vlada?

doprinos jačanju odgovornosti institucija i njihovoj transparentnosti na lokalnom nivou ; slučaj Kosova
Pristina, 2013

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Tahiri, Besnik

The municipal mayor - a representative or a dominant authority?

A contribution to strengthening institutional accountability and transparency at the local leval - Kosovo case
Prishtina, 2013

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  • 18.03.2019 | Event

    Young Generations for the New Balkans 2030: Towards Alternative Horizons

    On Monday, March 12, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and its partners organized the panel discussion “Young Generations for the New Balkans 2030: Towards...


  • 22.11.2018 | Event

    The workshops of the working groups of the National Youth Congress of Kosovo

    The National Youth Congress of Kosovo, during month of October has organized 4 workshops in four municipalities.


  • 20.11.2018 | Event

    Study Visit in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

    Second Study Visit in Germany this year: Youth participation in civil society and political processes as strong pillars of democracy


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